People Have to Like This Crap: Polling on Healthcare and the Supreme Court

Outsourced to Charles Blow (boldface mine):

A New York Times/CBS News poll released early this month found that 41 percent of Americans thought that the entire law should have been overturned, while 27 percent thought only the mandate should have been overturned and 24 percent thought the whole law should have been kept intact.

If you just took the numbers at face value, they would seem to support the Republican position. But let’s not. The same poll found that 37 percent of Americans believed the law went too far, while 27 percent said not far enough and 25 percent said about right.

When you cross-reference the numbers, just over two-thirds of the people who wanted the law struck down thought it went too far. That’s only 27 percent of those polled. Suddenly, the claim that a majority of the public wanted the court to strike it down for overreaching evaporates.

Slightly more than a quarter of those who thought the court should strike it down thought it was about right or wanted the government to go even further. Ever heard of single-payer?

Single-whatsit? Nobody likes being forced to give their money to a fucking healthcare insurance company. Nobody. It doesn’t exactly rally the troops. But that doesn’t mean there has been a massive swing to the right–far from it.

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