Links 7/4/12

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Five Real-World Facts About Electric Cars
Fraud Detection Method Called Credible But Used Like an ‘Instrument of Medieval Torture’
Predicting the distribution of Sasquatch in western North America: anything goes with ecological niche modelling
What Really Makes Us Fat
Pachycondyla striata
Snakes on the rocks


Philly Ain’t Helsinki: Debunking the U.S.-Finland Education Comparison (good summary)
The Dog That Voted and Other Election Fraud Yarns: The GOP’s 10-year campaign to gin up voter fraud hysteria—and bring back Jim Crow at the ballot box.
Will Global Warming Do in Mitt Romney?
Another Effort to Impose Philosophy on the Health Care Debate
CPAC’s boy wonder swings left
A Wall Street Gambling Tax: The Remedy to Inequality
Germany is not New York
The Drone Blowback Fallacy: Strikes in Yemen Aren’t Pushing People to Al Qaeda
Giving up control of education (it’s good to see someone arguing that data should be used, but not for performance reviews. On the other hand, the reason shouldn’t opposition from teachers, but that it can’t be done reliably with the data.)
Ex-Walmart Greeter Jan Sullivan Loses Job, Home After Being Attacked By Customer
American Infrastructure Report: D.C. Storm Edition
Global corporate coup
Was John Roberts Being Political? At the high court, law and politics come together. It’s the politicization of the court that should make us worried.

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