Links 7/3/12

Links for you. Science:

It’s not the students; it’s the jobs
It’s not Rocket Science – Follow the…Work/Life Balance!?!
For A New DNA Sequencer, A Technical Fix May Have Come Too Late (it remains to be seen if Oxford Nanopore will suffer the same fate)
Is Illumina the “duct tape” of sequencing?
Learning population and evolutionary genetics


Hoisted from Comments: DeLong Smackdown Watch: Health Care Affordability Edition
The ‘Busy’ Trap
*Face Value: The Entwined Histories of Money & Race in America*
My millionaire boss hit me up for a Romney donation
The story of the housing crash recession that politicians don’t want to tell
Challenging the Surveillance State
Thinking poverty in the inner city
Let It Bleed: Libertarianism and the Workplace
The Right-Wing Zombie Lie About Public Workers That Just Won’t Die: A new study on government employees’ earnings has the Right buzzing — and some progressive pundits repeating the myth that government workers are “overpaid.”
Mali Islamists destroy more holy Timbuktu sites
In Defense of Deficits
Slow Speed Rail and the Infrastructure Deficit
The Rough Beast of Citizens United Slouches Forward

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