Maybe Democrats Should Curse More Often?

Last week, Media Matters noted that the major networks spent five times the amount of air time on Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s calling Trump a motherfucker versus Republican Congressman and elite racist Steve King’s complaining about how white supremacy is viewed as a bad thing (yes, he did that). While much of the left-ish side of the political spectrum is bemoaning this as a sorry state of affairs, I’m not sure that’s entirely correct.

The networks spent a lot of time associating Trump with the word motherfucker–which is a fair association; he is a motherfucker. While discussing King would also be helpful, network news is rarely up to the task of providing the larger context of Steve King such ashe is not as much of an outlier as Republicans would like to pretend, or that something is very rotten in ‘heartland’ Iowa.

We Americans are not a subtle people. Cursing–and not done in that dorky, hackneyed Tom Perez way–but done right and appropriately is one way to cut through the noise and sometimes get the attention needs to convey your message.

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