Links 1/13/19

Links for you. Science:

Jellyfish Genome Hints That Complexity Isn’t Genetically Complex
How Climate Change Caused The World’s First Ever Empire To Collapse
Despite an opioid crisis, most ERs don’t offer addiction treatment. California is changing that.
NEON ecological observatory in crisis again: Top scientist quits, Battelle fires advisory board and senior managers
Shutdown Means E.P.A. Pollution Inspectors Aren’t on the Job


Health Insurer Greed or Desperation? An Odd Data Point From Cigna (feature, not a bug)
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton Pushes for Back Pay for Furloughed Federal Contract Workers
Donald Trump’s very favorite rhetorical mode is that immigrants are coming across the border to kill you. Heretofore IACATBTKY.
Finally, Someone Who Gets It
Bernie Sanders slams Trump for stoking ‘fear and hatred’ with lie-filled national address
The Economics of Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Schemes
The Mysteries Surrounding Rhodes Pharmaceuticals, the Sackler Family’s Second Opioid Company
Facebook is the new crapware
How a little-known Democratic firm cashed in on the wave of midterm money (odious people)
Why Regulators Went Soft on Monopolies
What Materialist Black Political History Actually Looks Like
Why the Differences Between Sanders and Warren Matter
Yes, people being dragged screaming below the surface by the pale, eyeless horrors that have wrenched themselves free from an earthen womb is bad, but are those trying not to be devoured also at fault?
People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds
Kamala Harris Tells Big Lie: That 2012 Mortgage Settlement Was a Good Deal for Homeowners
Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 (no mention of his Social Security stance, which would destroy him)
Frustrations With Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd Grow

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