I’m In The ‘Anyone But Biden’ Camp

I’ve been trying to keep an open mind about the 2020 primaries, even though I’m leaning towards Warren because of her housing policy, which is much better than anyone else’s (haven’t gotten around to writing that post yet). But Joe Biden just ruled himself out for me because he wants to means test Social Security in order to ‘save it.’ Because that has worked so well in the past for Democrats (no, no it hasn’t…). Since non-New Democrats have had to fight this battle so many times, I’ll just summarize:

  1. One of the political strengths of the Social Security program is its universality. That is, it’s not a program for the ‘poors’ or those people. Everyone who has worked gets it. This makes it politically popular. We are now in the perverse situation where, after multiple Democratic attempts to cut Social Security, Democrats have a hard time making this a signature issue, even though it is arguably the defining program of the 20th century Democratic Party.
  2. For means testing to do anything significant, you’ll need to cut lots of people’s benefits sharply. Cutting a few percent of recipients’ payments by some amount just doesn’t do very much relative to things like changes in GDP growth.
  3. The Social Security Trust Fund estimates are, by law, pessimistic. Very pessimistic. What that means in practice is that they have predicted the Trust Fund will be depleted and new taxes will be unable to meet payments in 20 – 30 years for about thirty years now. Re-read that sentence and think about it. Put another way, if the Fund will be unable to meet its obligations, the economy will have swirling around the bowl for many, many years in a row (think 2007-2009 for years and years). Will any politician state, “If elected, I plan to set us on a path of twentyplus years of historically dreadful and unprecendented GDP growth?”
  4. As Dean Baker has noted since the 1990s, even were everything to go to shit, 75-80% of benefits will still be worth more due to a rising economy.

In short, Biden is pushing a politically unpopular and unnecessary policy, even though he is supposedly the ‘electable’ candidate (which just shows that no one has any idea what ‘electable’ actually means*). I really don’t engage in generational politics much, since there are shitty people and good people in every generation (though subcohorts of GenX and millenials really did get the shaft). But there is a subset of Boomers and pre-Boomers who, in political terms, really need to shuffle off this mortal coil. Their obsessions, and austerioeroticism is a big one, have done so much damage and distracted us from the real problems we face for decades. I’m fine with older politicians (see my commments about Warren above), but some ideas just need to die or fade away.

So count me as part of the ‘anyone but Biden’ crowd.

*Including me, which is why I don’t give a shit about electability.

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5 Responses to I’m In The ‘Anyone But Biden’ Camp

  1. Joe Shelby says:

    that he hasn’t formally taken a stance against Civil Asset Forfeiture, a policy he put in place in the Senate, remains bothersome, too.

  2. David says:

    Too many hands. Trump will attack him for feeling up women.

  3. zero says:

    Austerioeroticism is excellent wordplay and cuts directly to the heart of the problem. Too many of these nuts are trapped in the economy of the 1970s.

  4. L.D. Dewees says:

    In 1980, I first heard that power from nuclear fusion is only 20 years away. In 2019, you can still read that nuclear fusion is only 20 years away.

    I guess once we have nuclear fusion, Social Security will go bankrupt. It will be the best of times, it will be the worst of times.

  5. Everything means tested winds up letting the Working class toil sacrifice and save and then pulling the rug out after playing by the rules.

    Medicaid LTC nursing home benefit being the epitome of this where rich people with fancy lawyers half loaf and scheme to pass on their assets and still qualify while the middle class can’t even pass on the modest family house, the state takes the whole loaf and the nursing home in order to get more private pay spend down doesn’t tell the family that they can get a modest prepaid burial at least so the middle class family is truly screwed at the worst time.

    F means testing.

    It only makes for the devious a system to game.

    And it’s the poor who gets demonized for doing it, while people actually go to law school and learn how to scam the welfare system for the well off and the desperate.

    and that’s normal?
    How can anyone want this situation to continue? Or to drag social security retirement further into that crap hole?

    As for Biden and his myriad of flaws and being on the wrong side of so many issues… I’d say it’s surprising anyone would suggest… But it’s not.

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