Links 1/14/19

Links for you. Science:

CDC says it’s another bad flu season with up to 7.3 million people sick so far
The Weather Service is open 24/7, forecasters are working without pay, and it’s taking a toll
Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Triggered A Mile-High Tsunami Across The Globe
BLAST+ 2.8.1 with New Databases and Better Performance
Small Weasel-Like Animals Are Taking Down Big Cats


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Takes the Democrats Back to the Future: An Interview with the Historian Rick Perlstein (excellent; must-read)
The Ugly, Illiberal, Anti-Semitic Heart of the Yellow Vest Movement (at its core, it strikes me as what a Marxist would call bourgeois)
How to Reform Payroll Taxes to Fund Medicare for All
CBO Will Score All Health Reform Plans as Nationalization
Cemeteries use a lot of space and are terrible for the environment. Is there a better way?
Head Start improves kids’ lives. But we’re still finding out just how
Pancho Villa, prostitutes and spies: The U.S.-Mexico border wall’s wild origins
Yes, That Was D.C.’s Oldest Synagogue Moving Down The Street (Again)
Liberals dare Trump to back their bills lowering drug prices
An Ode to Shaw Junior High: School, sanctuary, fortress, incubator for greatness. A former student remembers Shaw in the 1980s
The $786 million question: Does Steve Schwarzman — or anyone — deserve to make that much? (when an econ professor at George Mason writes this, the wheel is turning…)
DC statehood movement, without movement
Change is coming to the National Gallery of Art. But is it ready for Kaywin Feldman?
Remembering Howell E. Begle Jr., The D.C. Lawyer Who Fought For R&B Stars Swindled By Record Labels
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is The Latest Member Of Congress To Sign Onto D.C. Statehood Bill
D.C. police don’t carry the overdose antidote naloxone. Should they? (yes)
Thoughts on Warren and Sanders: How Much Change Is Needed in 2021?
Shortage of Inpatient Detox Beds Is New Obstacle for Addiction Treatment in D.C.
Rapists Coming Over The Border

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