Links 2/7/18

Links for you. Science:

The Flu Has Killed 53 Children So Far, But the Scientists Who Study It Are Short on Funds
This Program Stopped Ebola. Trump May Let It Expire.
As Cape Town Water Crisis Deepens, Scientists Prepare for “Day Zero”
These Bird Scientists Say Feral Cat Advocates Are Lying About Science Just Like Climate Deniers
Clever crows have learnt how to make a meal of cane toads


Prescribed Pain
I Had to Bury My 26-Year-Old Son Because He Couldn’t Afford Insulin (related posts here and here)
The shocking thing about D.C.’s schools scandal — and why it has national significance
How to Spend Trillions on ‘Infrastructure’
What Kids Are Really Learning About Slavery
Republicans Stuff Education Bill With Conservative Social Agenda
The Democrap Establishment Still Doing What They Like Doing Most: Resisting the Resistance
An ER visit, a $12,000 bill — and a health insurer that wouldn’t pay (yet it’s a mystery why the ACA isn’t universally beloved…)
I Quit Twitter and It Feels Great
The Terrifying Rise of Alt-Right Fight Clubs
How the GOP’s latest abortion ban hurts families like mine
Under Cover of the Nunes Memo, Russian Spooks Sneak Openly into Meetings with Trump’s Administration
Yes, some Poles were Nazi collaborators. The Polish Parliament is trying to legislate that away.
There is no Trumpism, only Republicanism

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