Olympian Toilet Use

Because Atrios already used “In Sochi, toilets flush you.” By now, you’ve probably seen pictures of the ‘his and her’ toilets at the Sochi Olympics. But this is the weirdest thing (other than the very dangerous face water):


I’m not even sure what the picture on the lower right means. And does anyone really think someone is going to try to catch fish in the toilet (lower left)?

Though, I admit I would be flummoxed by this:


It will be an interesting Olympics…

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3 Responses to Olympian Toilet Use

  1. Tiercelet says:

    Re: the bottom right image–It’s someone shooting up. Particularly topical since last weekend.

  2. Bardiac says:

    Where are you supposed to vomit if you need to????

  3. radioredrafts says:

    I think the lower right one means “No Molotov cocktail bombing with hasty getaway”, but I’m just guessing, really.

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