Links 12/8/17

Links for you. Science:

Things Looked Bleak Until These Birds Rapidly Evolved Bigger Beaks
The Economics Data Revolution Has Growing Pains
Gwyneth Paltrow to feature doctor who thinks AIDS is a Big Pharma scam at In Goop Health
Prehistoric, Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth Found Swimming Off Coast of Portugal
Time to pop an anti-ageing pill


Long Sacrosanct, the Mortgage-Interest Deduction Comes Under Scrutiny: But Republicans want to funnel savings to the rich—not renters, who could use the help. (made related point here)
If the Bible is so against systemic solutions to poverty, why is a jubilee year declared that releases people from debt to alleviate intergenerational poverty?
What About Your Friends? Why Hollywood’s Abandonment Of Terry Crews Is Unacceptable
Is it wrong to give to panhandlers?
Khanna wants tech industry to fight for net neutrality and keep the internet from dying
Donald Trump is a madman: The President’s Wednesday Twitter spasm confirms what many Americans have long suspected (notable for explicitly stating Trump is ill)
How Trolls Locked My Twitter Account For 10 Days, And Welp
We’re Going To Tax Their Ass Off! (from 2012, but timely)
Can We Cut the Crap on the Debt from the Tax Bill Hurting Our Kids?
President Joe Biden? First, he’d need to answer for his record on drug prices
No Mercy for Judges Who Show Mercy
How Designing Women Addressed AIDS 30 Years Ago
‘No Such Thing as Rohingya’: Myanmar Erases a History
CompuServe’s forums, which still exist, are finally shutting down
Operative Offered Trump Campaign ‘Kremlin Connection’ Using N.R.A. Ties
Three decades later, men who survived the ‘gay plague’ speak out
A Police Killing Without a Hint of Racism
Trump Marks a World AIDS Day Without Gays
A Radical Move: Giving Up Income to Get Health Insurance

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