Links 11/11/14

Links for you. Science:

Kentucky’s Whiskey Fungus Problem Is Out of Control
Brilliant impersonators: We prize originality, yet humans are natural-born copycats and only good imitators survive. Is it time to celebrate the rip-off?
The Most Heritable Gut Bacterium is… Wait, What is That?
Ebola Travel Bans Buy Only Time, Not Safety
Pyramid Schemes, Mouths at the Trough, and the older you get the harder it is to remember anything (like your graduate experience)


What Democrats get wrong about inequality: It isn’t just about fairness. It’s about the basic functioning of the economy. (I think Democrats get this. The so-called Democratic leadership, not so much)
At Boys and Girls HS, struggling students urged to transfer, sources say: New principal has told lagging students to consider transferring, sources say; about 30 students have
Did Candidates Make a Mistake By Distancing Themselves From President Obama?
Emanuel’s early childhood plan compared to parking meter deal (I’ve written about social impact bonds before)
Stupid Ideas That Never Die
30 Years of Conservative Nonsense, An Explainer
When we talk about S.E. Cupp, we’re actually talking about ethics in journalism (though George Will did this first during the Reagan era)
Could Obama have fixed the economy?
Louisiana Charter Fires Star Kindergarten Teacher
ALEC Corporate Board Chair Quits Over Climate Change, Renewables and Voting Rights
Bipartisan Corporate Establishment Turns Back Challengers, Strengthens Hold on Congress
Or You Live as You Think
Katha Pollit lost us the election (not really)
The Economics of uberX (Part II)
On Twitter and Instagram, Hiding in Plain E-Sight

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2 Responses to Links 11/11/14

  1. kaleberg says:

    That “On Twitter and Instagram, Hiding in Plain E-Sight” article was interesting. The writer seems to lack any hint of introspection, but that’s not surprising. I first noticed the problem with the advent of cheap copying machines. I, and countless others, would copy articles with intent to read them later. I did read some, but the unread articles piled up. When the VCR came out, I, and countless others, started taping television shows with intent to watch them later. As with the copied articles, some I read, but the tapes of unwatched shows piled up.

    It was like something out of Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media. We weren’t copying articles with intent to read them. We may have started out doing so, but at some point we were copying articles instead of reading them. The same thing with all those VHS tapes full of shows left unwatched. We were taping shows instead of watching them. The author of this article seems to be doing something similar. She started using social media with the intent of keeping in touch with her friends and family, but she wound up using social media instead of keeping in touch.

    I don’t use social media. I have a social life instead.

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