But The Greatest Threat To Free Speech Is Some Dumbass College Kids

Or maybe not. From the Great State of Alabama (boldface mine):

“Stand for Decency, Reject Roy Moore,” read the bold headline in Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville, all part of Alabama Media Group. Arguing that the credible sexual-misconduct charges against the former judge, a Republican, disqualified him, it endorsed Democrat Doug Jones for U.S. Senate.

Some readers cheered, and some disagreed enough to cancel their subscriptions.

But at a small-town daily in eastern Alabama, top editor Troy Turner wouldn’t even consider running such an editorial.

I would have bullet holes in my windows,” said Turner, who grew up not far from the Opelika-Auburn News, where he supervises an 11-member newsroom staff. After starting there as a cub reporter in the 1980s, he came back in 2015 after holding high-ranking editing posts from New York City to New Mexico.

Say what one will about radical intersectional feminists, no one thinks they’re going to shoot people. At worst, they’re incredibly annoying. But when a newspaper editor says he would experience violence if he openly voiced his opinions, well, that is a problem.

And I’m sure it’s one all of the campus scolds will address. HA! WE MAKE THE FUNNY!

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