Links 7/26/17

Links for you. Science:

In search of donations: NASA’s famed Apollo Mission Control Center (MAGA!)
Forget sharks: 7 things in the water swimmers should actually fear
A freak accident covering an Oregon highway in slime is a dire warning about our oceans’ health
Science Shortfall: Why Don’t We Know How Best To Fight Ticks And Lyme Disease?
This creature has 10 eyes, legs that chew and blood that saved your life


Let Them See How We Live. Let Them Come.
Trump’s HUD turns a blind eye to housing segregation—and yes, it may benefit Trump’s own business
How Andrew Cuomo Keeps the Left in Check
Al Gore Breaks With Democratic Party Leadership to Support Single-Payer Healthcare
Why Blue Dogs would destroy the Democratic Party. Again.
The Brutal Rise of El Mencho
Somebody primary Andrew Cuomo
AG Sessions, the Russian lawyer, and the money laundering case that went away
Washington DC Schools: Education Reform’s Hot Air Balloon
The Louisiana Environmental Apocalypse Road Trip
In Cambridge, there is such a thing as too much pizza
Archfoe of Bernie Sanders targets senator’s wife, and may gain clout
The Uncertainty Principle
Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery
If The DCCC Continues To Pick Congressional Nominees, Instead Of Voters, The Democrats Will Never Win Back Congress
Reverence for Putin on the Right Buys Trump Cover
Noncompete Pacts, Under Siege, Find Haven in Idaho
This Is Why You’re Seeing The Confederate Flag Across Europe

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