Thoughts On Donald Trump Jr.’s Confession

Because things are moving so fast, here’s a list of observations:

  1. Donnie Two Scoops is gonna whack Fredo. I kid, but here’s a serious point: these leaks didn’t come from the FBI, the CIA, or foreign intelligence services. The leaks that led to Junior’s, erm, ill-advised admission of collusion came from inside the White House. The mind boggles. At this point, one has to wonder if, an external crisis were to occur, if the administration could offer a coherent response, given the level of backstabbing.
  2. All of the denials by the Trump campaign from 2016 ring pretty hollow at this point.
  3. Related to what I wrote here, just how much more ‘well, but…’ are some people going to engage in? Every denial has turned out to be false. Read some articles (not Louise Mensch–ian the Grand Poobah of the Supreme Court is implementing Impeachment Protocol 8675309 crap), and you’ll see the reporting in hindsight was timid.
  4. The Republicans still won’t do anything to fix this. They certainly knew about this a year ago and didn’t care then. To the extent they do care, Junior will be the fall guy (it’s pretty brutal to make your son the cutout/fall guy by the way).
  5. Don’t forget that it wasn’t just the Clinton campaign that was targeted, but also Congressional campaigns that were hacked. Congressional Republicans have profited from this directly (not just by the election of a Republican president).
  6. This is a complete hunch, but I don’t think this is close to the worst thing that happened. It will get worse.
  7. I hope there’s a pee tape. Why? Because Fox News hosts and other apologists will dedicate time to peeing on their own beds to show its no big deal. I kid (sort of), but damn, they’re deep in the tank. Even Charles Krauthammer is calling them out on this.
  8. I’m completely puzzled by the reaction by some on the left. I will gladly posit that the following were/are flawed, sometimes deeply: the Clinton campaign, Hilary Clinton as a standard bearer for the Democratic Party, much of the professional Democratic class, and the last thirty years of Democratic policy. All that said, we should be able to simultaneously recognize those things, while at the same recognize this is a case of Republican collusion with a foreign power to alter the outcome of an election (and, yes, Kissinger did this in 1968–which doesn’t excuse or mitigated what happened in 2016).
  9. Related to the previous point, yes, there are Democrats who are pursuing this to obscure real problems with the Democratic Party et alia (or to rationalize away a ton of cognitive dissonance). And if I had to rank the effects of Russian interference, it’s not at the top of the list. But ignoring this won’t help move policy leftward–there’s no reason to think they won’t try again to help Republicans. Republicans holding both houses of Congress won’t help at all. There is no One True Thing that will stop the Republicans and conservative Democrats.
  10. Yes, the political press corps has all sorts of stupid biases that affect/alter their judgement. But this is essentially a political corruption story, and many of them are pretty good at chasing these things down. Just because they’re stupid about healthcare or deficits doesn’t mean they’re not ferreting this out accurately–and Junior’s email pretty much shows they were on the right track.
  11. I’m enjoying the irony of this showing up in an email. Over the next three and a half years, learn to enjoy the little ironies because there’s going to be a constant deluge of suck for all of us.
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2 Responses to Thoughts On Donald Trump Jr.’s Confession

  1. paintedjaguar says:

    Still puzzled? Strange that this is the one and only conspiracy theory that has complete mainstream cred. But nevermind, here’s a good summary of the case for skepticism:

    Short version: still no reliable public evidence that the Russians did anything at all concerning US elections, much less conspired with Trump (although there’s plenty of evidence that both the GOP and the Dems have engaged in election tampering). Also, if this was an actual concern (as it ought to be), Homeland Security now has the authority to insist on hand counted paper ballots, which can’t be hacked from a Macedonian server. Funny, the Clinton machine hasn’t mentioned this at all.

    In other news:
    * Violent Bernie Bros rioting in Nevada completely made up, despite unanimous media coverage of the non-event.
    * Exit polls and other evidence show widespread tampering with Dem primaries. *crickets*
    * Saddam’s WMDs a fabrication. No nukes, anthrax, or chemicals found. Gee, if you can’t believe Colin Powell…
    * The CIA and other “intelligence” apparatus? Turns out they’re frequent fibbers. Who knew?

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