Veni, Vici, Radici

Yesterday, ersatz sociologist and NY Times columnist wrote a ridiculous column about the snootyness of LIBTURDS. His example was the supposed intimidation of a high-school educated friend by the menu at Radici. Roy Edroso knocks down the silliness, so I don’t have to, but Facebook satire never disappoints:


Anyway, Edroso makes some very good points about pseudo-populism (and all those elitists in the Bronx or east of the river).

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1 Response to Veni, Vici, Radici

  1. DDRAKE says:

    Oh, this is wonderful. Mr. Edroso seems to be quite upset. Methinks he doth protest to much? I also can’t thank Mr. Edroso enough, for calling me a “wing nut” for liking Mr. Arnade’s “bullshit”. I laugh because he is doing exactly what Mr. Arnade says, insults by the “elite” to those who they deem less than (remember Mr. Edroso, we they go low, we go high?) Perhaps Mr. Edroso could stop up his venom for a bit, put down his pen, and listen to the other side?

    Unfortunately, so many people are missing the point, which is quite unfortunate, in regard to Mr Arnade. Throwing everything he says into the “bullshit” column just tells me that Mr. Edroso is not a serious person and, in my opinion, is part of the problem.

    As someone who is from working class roots who went and got an education, I would love to have an hour with Mr. Edroso. If you think elitism does not exist, think again.

    You want another four years of Trump? Keep it up.

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