Some Thoughts On The Current Situation

Since there’s too much to put into a single post:

  1. Until shown otherwise, the CBP officials who are violating their oaths of service by ignoring court orders should not be assumed to be reluctantly ‘following orders.’ There are plenty of people in the U.S., even in metro areas, who agree with Trump’s immigration policies. Do you think they work for the National Endowment of the Arts?
  2. Remember when rightwingers thought FEMA was a prelude to tyrannical government? Turns out it was CBP.
  3. The immigration protests had lots of ‘normals.’ This is really important. Protestors can’t be discounted as the ‘usual suspects.’ They look like ‘real Americans.’
  4. The Holocaust Memorial Day statement on Friday was how Holocaust revisionism–which is to say, anti-Semitism–works. And they doubled down on it. As I responded to someone two months ago, anti-Semites (usually) don’t run around screaming “Kikes!” at the top of their lungs. In the U.S., it has been that Jews are supposed to know our place. In terms of the Holocaust, it’s ‘those crafty Jews are using the Holocaust’–never mind that the machinery of death was specifically created to annihilate Jews.
  5. Congressional Democrats need to push an impeachment resolution. It won’t pass now, but a marker needs to be laid down.
  6. Democratic Party officials have lost the ability to ‘demobilize’ their base. For twenty-five years, Democratic officials have used various methods to convince the base to follow their lead. Those methods have failed due to a combination of long-term frustration and immediate concern: there have been too many failures that affect too many people–and in very concrete, tangible ways. There is a crisis of legitimacy among Democratic officials–one well earned as the ‘New Democrat deal’–rank-and-file Democrats will get scraps, but Republicans will be stymied–has been played out and failed. This is a very good thing, assuming we will still have a functioning democracy (more to say about this later).
  7. Trump is unpopular. He has dropped below 50% approval in eight days. Including Carter, it take many hundreds of days for that to happen. And he hasn’t even tackled healthcare yet.
  8. Democrats need to start referring to Steven Bannon as ‘co-president Bannon.’ It will weaken Bannon, since Trump’s ego won’t tolerate that.

And that’s just from 48 hours in the era of Il Trumpe…

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