Signs From Yesterday’s March

Seems like we’re going to be marching every damn weekend.

Kidding aside, it was amazing to see thousands of people assemble in D.C. on short notice. By 1pm, there must have been 8,000 people (did some rough counts and marked out transects in my head–back in the day, I was a field biologist…). I had to leave shortly thereafter, but the march then went to Trump’s hotel, the Capitol, and then back to the White House, shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue. I think this was unplanned, yet the police did little to stop it; as I’ve noted, Trump has few friends in the District.

Apparently, if KellyAnne Conjob’s outburst to Chuck Todd is any indication, we’re really pissing them off.

Anyway, here are two signs I liked (though the “Impeach President Bannon” signs were everywhere).

Immigration march

Immigration march

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3 Responses to Signs From Yesterday’s March

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Copley Square was full – something like 20,000 people, in a protest organized basically the day before by CAIR. Both US senators, the mayor and Joe Kennedy spoke. The governor, of course, had someplace else to be, but at least issued a statement.

  2. sglover says:

    No less impressive was the crowd at Dulles the night before. It wasn’t at large as the downtown gathering (I’m guessing maybe 300, +/-100), but it was completely spontaneous. I think special credit is due to the one or two dozen lawyers who showed up to volunteer their services to detainees. They really did their profession proud.

  3. chris y says:

    “[She] hasn’t slept in months.” And it shows.

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