GM Wiedefeld’s Credibility Just Took A Hit

Not promising. And not cool. Last year, the cooling system in the Dupont Circle Metro station broke, and I noted that the response was, well, questionable:

…part of me thinks August 1st is the ‘date’ equivalent of a base ten number–it’s what you say when you don’t have an answer.

Prove me wrong Metro.

And they did. Ha! We make the funny! Nope. After a year of rolling delays, here’s where we are:

Two stations on Metro’s Red Line will be hotter for longer than previously anticipated.

Repairs of the “chillers” that help cool the air in the Dupont Circle and Farragut North Metro stations have been delayed thanks to newly discovered “additional leaks,” according to Metro.

“Pressure testing indicated additional leaks in the chilled water lines to Dupont Circle and Farragut North stations,” a representative for Metro wrote in an updated statement. “We continue working to repair these lines and expect to have repairs complete by July 16.”

Fifteen days sounds a lot like a bullshit date. Again. While this isn’t the equivalent of trains catching on fire, people might think about alternative modes of transportation when, to get to work in the morning, they have to stand in a tunnel with greater than 90F heat (Friday morning’s 8:30am temperature was ~93F, which was about ten degrees hotter than outside–in the sun). If you have to go work wearing anything other than shorts and a t-shirt, this is pretty miserable. And the continuing delays do not engender confidence in the whole Safe Track repair plan.

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