Links 7/9/16

Links for you. Science:

A Living Wage and Paid Sick Leave are Infection Control Issues (excellent)
We’ve long blamed carbs for making us fat. What if that’s wrong?
Australia’s Other Great Reef Is Also Screwed
A Medical Mystery of the Best Kind: Major Diseases Are in Decline


It Has Begun
Bill Black and Stephanie Kelton: Is it Time for a New Deal Federal Jobs Program?
Wigan’s Road to ‘Brexit’: Anger, Loss and Class Resentments
How Ancient Monopolies Keep You from Getting Decent Internet Service
The Hunter: He Was a Hacker for the NSA and He Was Willing to Talk. I Was Willing to Listen.
New Kosher Food Truck Launching in Washington, DC
What Hillary Clinton needs to learn from her email mess
How MBA Programs Drive Inequality
Brexit and the Moral Vision of Nationhood
The people that didn’t vote for Bernie? They’re dying off
What Bernie Supporters Want (“Nothing would please corporate Democrats and establishment pundits more than if the largest left-wing insurgency in American primary history could be exposed, once and for all, as an accidental combination of confused children and angry white dudes.”)
The Atlanta Braves Borrowed Their Parking Scam From Dan Snyder
Seven mining lobbyists trapped under rubble after collapse at the National Mining Association
Why Clinton’s New Tuition-Free Plan Matters
The Difference Between a White Man and a Black Man with a Gun
What Dallas’s historically low murder rate can teach us about policing
House Passes D.C. Appropriations Bill Containing Anti-Home Rule Riders
The Uncomfortable Reason Why it Came to This in Dallas Yesterday (yes, this is on RedState)
I’m a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing

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