Placing Politics Above the Integrity of the Judical System

Another disgusting turn in Attorneygate: only politically correct–that is right wing–federal prosecutors who are murdered are worth the Department of Justice’s time and effort.

Just as the justice system can not function when witnesses are intimidated (or worse), the justice system also can not function when prosecutors’ death are not given high priority. That’s why this letter to Josh Marshall from a prosecutor is absolutely stunning (italics mine):

I email you because I read something today about the firing of John McKay that finally put me over the edge.
Apparently during Comey’s testimony today he said that one of the reasons McKay got himself in hot water with the DOJ heavyweights was because he was pushing for additional resources to investigate the murder of Tom Wales, who was an Assistant US Attorney in Seattle. Tom Wales was shot and killed in 2001. What nobody has talked about, and what you may not be aware of, is the fact that Tom Wales was extremely active in attempting to get tighter gun control laws passed here in Washington.
Think about that for a second. A pro-gun control federal prosecutor was shot and killed. John McKay was agitating for more resources to bring his killer to justice. That pissed off DOJ, who apparently thought that McKay should spend his time going after bogus voter fraud prosecutions rather than solve the murder of a guy who was in favor of gun control. If you don’t think the fact that Tom Wales’ political views weren’t taken into consideration by the higher ups at DOJ when they decided to punish McKay for fighting to find his killer, you haven’t been paying attention to the way these guys have operated for the last 6 years. Every single thing they do is about politics, and the political views of those they help or hurt….
It’s a slap in the face to every prosecutor in the country. It’s our job to seek justice for those that aren’t able to seek it for themselves. None of us should give a damn what the political views are of the victims we try to protect. It’s beyond reprehensible for them to punish McKay for doing this. But for this administration, it’s par for the course.

Party of ‘law and order’, my ass. So much for making America safer…

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