IANAL and Alito Is Not a Historian

One weird thing regarding the leaked draft anti-Roe opinion is that I see a lot of people talking about it and adding ‘IANAL’ (I am not a lawyer). But it’s not like Justice Alito is a historian, which he calls on heavily in the draft opinion–and he does so very poorly. If we’re going to decide important issues based on the views of historical figures who, for example, executed women as witches, then we’re going to have start grilling them at their confirmation hearings about their competency as historians.

I’m really hoping Justice Sotomayor trolls Alito et alia with a reference to Anglo-Saxon weregeld.

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  1. ronzie9 says:

    We still have “weregeld”, they just don’t call it that. Go ask the families of Ethan Couch’s victims about it, although they might not say much if they’re bound by an NDA.

  2. How about IANAW for I am not a woman. & no, do not add “trans” or “cis” to that.

  3. hipparchia says:


    made me google. which is sad, because before i even started typing, i was already composing a dystopian sci-fi tale in my head… witches… alito… were-geldings….

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