Links 5/11/22

Links for you. Science:

Everyone poops weirdly on vacation
Why hundreds of scientists are weighing in on a high-stakes US abortion case (almost as if there’s data about some of the speculative questions!)
Humans need to help other species face climate change, scientists say
CDC investigating 109 cases of hepatitis among children, five deaths
Ukraine’s Scientists Keep Working In Defiance Of Russian Invasion
CDC reports first human H5 bird flu infection in U.S.


Vote Blue and This We’ll Do (excellent)
Always The Fault Of The Left
U.S. will limit next-generation Covid vaccines to high-risk people this fall if Congress doesn’t approve more funding (the same Congress can pass increased security for Supreme Court Justices with a voice vote after being ‘threatened’ by a non-violent protest though…)
Metro Says Ridership Is 40% Above Predictions — Which Means More Crowded Trains
In 1765, Rebels Sacked the Boston Mansion of Thomas Hutchinson (oh noes, mah peaceful candlelight vigil!)
India’s speedy approvals of COVID-19 vaccines come under fire
The delusions of Andrew Sullivan
Criminalizing abortion: Cue the enforcement nightmare (the nightmare is the point: it’s designed to intimidate women)
The Emerging Tech-Lash
Rep. Henry Cuellar Tried to Discredit a Staffer He Fired at 28 Weeks Pregnant
Why a secretive tech billionaire is bankrolling J.D. Vance
Russia’s Grave Miscalculation: Ukrainians Would Collaborate
We Don’t Get To Choose Our Fighters
Expect rise in US COVID deaths, hospital admissions over next 4 weeks: CDC forecast
Bill would make District ‘sanctuary’ city for those seeking abortion
Chris Murphy’s urgent abortion warning reveals a hidden GOP threat
Sinn Fein’s Victory in Northern Ireland Is an Earthquake
‘We do not have any plans’: The 13 states with abortion-ban ‘trigger laws’ are completely unprepared to enforce them
D.C. hasn’t reported daily covid case counts to the CDC since April 27 (failure of executive branch governance)
Photos: D.C. High Schools Vie For The Ultimate Title Amid Frisbee’s Growing Popularity With Students
What other brilliant ideas are in Alito’s medieval law book?
Our endorsement for Ward 5 DC Council: Zachary Parker
Esper’s Trump revelations should prompt action from Democrats

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