Links 5/23/22

Links for you. Science:

Maximum likelihood pandemic-scale phylogenetics
Online Phylogenetics using Parsimony Produces Slightly Better Trees and is Dramatically More Efficient for Large SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenies than de novo and Maximum-Likelihood Approaches
Limited cross-variant immunity from SARS-CoV-2 Omicron without vaccination
Metadata retrieval from genomics database with ffq
The Almighty Squabble Over Who Gets to Name Microbes
Over 75 Percent of Long Covid Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Initial Illness, Study Finds


Democrats: Pay Attention to the Voters
The Florida Recount Was Kindergarten Stuff Compared to This Inside-Outside Strategy
The primary battles of Dems’ uncivil war
Wow, 12 Republicans Broke Ranks With Their Colleagues By Having a Soul
Rich Guy Opinions
Bernie Sanders Puts Amazon’s Billions in Federal Contracts at Risk
The Supreme Court flunks abortion history (yes it does)
How the Kent State massacre raised your tuition
Crash Course: News organizations need to relearn how to cover car collisions—especially when the victims are on foot.
Americans are stuck in an age of scarcity, and they don’t like it (this is pretty good, but what the hell does Afghanistan have to do with anything?)
We’re in danger of losing our democracy. Most Americans are in denial.
Hate your face mask? There’s hope. A U.S. government contest has 10 companies competing to make better face coverings
Make Billionaires Republicans Again
Pennsylvania Portents: The Keystone State’s gatekeepers lose their keys
How To Build Beautiful Places
Plenty Ventured, Little Gained: On Sebastian Mallaby’s VC hagiography
U.S. Policymaking on Sex and Reproduction is Based on Damaging Conservative Assumptions
Planet Bloomberg: Solutioneering with Michael Bloomberg
Anti-Abortion Crusaders Tried to Block a Clinic by Claiming Flushed Fetuses Will Clog the Waterways
Can’t Believe Those Awful Republicans Voted Against This
Oh no. Is Jeff Bezos preparing to run for office?
D.C. Council pushes health officials on timing of covid case data
A mother and a fetus — one person, not two

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