How To Combat the Stupid Three Out of Ten With Your Own Blog

At the recent Republican debate, three out of ten Republican candidates stated that they did not believe in evolution. This reflects a larger ignorance of science. I have a very simple idea to combat the Stoopid for bloggers who don’t think of themselves as ‘science’ bloggers:

Once per week, link to five ‘science’ posts that you found interesting.

I’ve actually asked a couple of the ‘big-league’ bloggers whose blogrolls I’m on if they read my more technical posts. They do, but they usually add that they don’t have anything to else to say, other than, “Yep. Interesting”, so they don’t blog about it. Well, don’t be shy. I’m not asking for commentary, just that you use your blog, large or small, to point people in the direction of some good science. And by ‘science’, I mean any number of things: politics and science, applied science, public health, medicine, creationism-bashing, global warming bashing, or even a post about basic research (by no means is this an exhaustive list). The goal is to expose your readers to interesting science.
If you’re wondering where you’ll find all of those five links, here are some suggestions:

  1. I do a weekly roundup every Sunday evening.
  2. Bora, at A Blog Around the Clock, links to everything all the time.

  3. Darksyde, at the Great Orange Satan, also throws around links.
  4. And, of course, there’s this humble lil’ blog aggregator known as ScienceBlogs (and many others around here irregularly link to other sites)/
  5. The Pump Handle also has a weekly roundup, usually on Friday.

Like I said, it’s not that much work (five links per week), but it could go a long way in combating the Stupid. Never mind that it might help push the real science blogs past the many more pseudoscience blogs, but your readers just might learn something interesting or even useful…
Fight the Stupid, one blog at a time!

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6 Responses to How To Combat the Stupid Three Out of Ten With Your Own Blog

  1. coturnix says:

    Also, there is a nice list of science-related carnivals at the bottom of this page and carnivals are excellent sources of the BEST that science/medical/environmental blogosphere has to offer on any given week. It is a great filter that saves time when one is looking for exceptionally good science blogging.

  2. Susannah says:

    “Once per week, link to five ‘science’ posts that you found interesting.”
    Will do.
    Starting with passing on this suggestion.

  3. hipparchia says:

    Good idea. I’ll try it, though I have to warn you, all two of my readers are already science literate, so I’ll be preaching to a very tiny choir.

  4. mirc says:


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