Links 12/1/11

Links for you. Science:

The Certainty of Memory Has Its Day in Court
Mantis eats hummingbird
Breakthrough: The Battery That Wouldn’t Die
Study: Over Time, Even a Little Too Much Tylenol Can Kill


New York Fed Brownshirt Jason Barker Urges Police to Crack Skulls of #OWS (must-read)
Yes, Virginia. The banks really were bailed out.
The bad internet bill that could destroy us
At Top Colleges, Anti-Wall St. Fervor Complicates Recruiting
Don’t believe the sex addiction hype
Spurious correlation bonanza to mark Replicated Typo 2.0 reaching 100,000 hits (these are pretty funny)
The GOP wants to take your money and give it to rich people, full stop (actually, being Mike the Mad Chartalist, I would argue the GOP wants to destroy your wealth, and protect that of rich people, but it still is a good post)
Some Final Thoughts (on IQ)
A Reader’s Guide to Andrew Sullivan’s Defense of Race Science
Gedankenexperiment (on IQ)
Cracks in the GOP dam?
Santa’s tomb is found off Turkey: Academics claim to have found where St Nicholas was buried.
As Water Levels Drop, Texas Drought Reveals Secrets of the Deep

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