The Tragedy of Kenya’s Anti-Evolutionism

The story about Kenyan religious leaders who are attempting to stifle evolutionary biology at the Kenyan National Museum is making the rounds of the progressive political blogs (interesting, how the right-wing blogs aren’t covering this…). Within this story, there is a real tragedy: Kenya has a serious problem in treating certain types of bacterial dysentery due to the evolution of antibiotic resistance.

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3 Responses to The Tragedy of Kenya’s Anti-Evolutionism

  1. oldcola says:

    Now come on, all it will take to get rid of those naughty bugs is a few ml of holly water, available via Internet, no kidding : Lourdes Water!. No kidding, I mean they do sell it via Internet… o_0
    No bacterial resistance known 🙂

  2. McCain Supporter says:

    Perhaps we should invade Kenya and bring them OUR kind of education and democracy!
    Or maybe the UN could do it.
    I say, send troops NOW!

  3. Deep Thought says:

    Old Cola,
    I have no idea what “Holly Water” is, but Holy water is a sacramental used in religious ceremonies, blessings, and for ritual cleansings – not for healing. Lourdes water is not holy water (since it is not blessed).

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