Links 6/6/12

Links for you. Science:

Science out of context: BP’s demand for e-mail will erode the scientific deliberative process (disturbing)
A Geneticist’s Research Turns Personal
How shellfish saved the human race (the cool part is that ~130,000 years ago, humans were a critically endangered species)
Dwarf flightless scelionid wasp (cutest bug EVAH!)
Massive confusion about a study that purports to show that exercise may increase heart risk (I would only add that if there’s a weak beneficial effect, we would expect some individual studies to show a weak negative effect)


Where do our wasted health dollars go to?
Paul Krugman: ‘I’m sick of being Cassandra. I’d like to win for once’ (excellent)
Letting the Right People Vote
Are We Lowering Health Costs Or Just Shifting Them To Consumers?
We’re All Publishers Now? Not So Fast
Should Israel Have Gone With Yiddish?
In Lists of Best High Schools, Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story
Homeless girl makes it to Harvard
The Elephant in Scott Walker’s Courtroom: A John Doe Investigation, a Rise to Power, and a Crazy Case
Neptune Road & Logan Airport 1973
In Texas, 300,000 Eligible Voters Targeted In Purge
IRS Cautions Churches About Rules On Politics From The Pulpit

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    That BP story is nuts.

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