Some Sunday Links

Here are some good links for you. First, the science:

  1. I have a post about the politics of cholera.
  2. Chris Mooney has the wacky idea that judges should actually know something about global warming before ruling on it.
  3. More about Scalia’s ignorance.
  4. Four Nobel Laureates Walk Into a Bar…”
  5. RPM has an interesting post on the ability to estimate evolutionary histories.
  6. Revere at Effect Measure has an excellent post on the role assumed hypotheses play in delimiting data collection: are we really looking for H5N1 influenza in humans?

The other stuff:

  1. Kevin Vranes has a great post about the War on Drugs and the loss of our civil liberties.
  2. An oldie, but goldie by Harold Meyerson about the culpability of pundits in the Iraq Quagmire. A great quote:

    How much attention to administration folkways did one need to pay to realize that Bush would never fund the war through a tax increase, nor care if he had broad international backing or not? “I have to admit I’ve always been fighting my own war in Iraq,” Friedman wrote in the summer of 2003. “Mr. Bush took the country into his war.” Was it too much to ask the nation’s most important foreign-policy journalist to focus on Bush’s war — particularly because, well, it was Bush, and not Friedman, who was president?

  3. Operation Shakira sounds as good as any of the plans for Iraq proposed by The Serious People.
  4. Tristero explains why we must continue to call bullshit on all of those who supported the Iraq War.
  5. Nora Ephron: Jim Webb’s anger is the appropriate emotion.
  6. A radio talk show hosts pretends he’s a conservative, and exposes some ugly anti-Muslim bigotry.
  7. Democratic hawk Jane Harman is called out on her pro-war stance.
  8. Rick Perlstein thinks racism is the reason the GOP controls the South.
  9. It’s more fun being a “GOP slave” when you win I suppose…
  10. More Tom Friedman bashing: Chris Floyd and Matt Taibbi have at it.
  11. David Sirota identifies who in the Democratic Party is bought and paid for.
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