George Felix Allen, Welcome to the Tribe?…

It just gets weirder and weirder with Sen. George “Macaca” Allen (R-VA). It now appears that this wannabee Confederate racist is descended from a distinguished Sephardic Jewish family:

Allen’s own African heritage casts a different light on the matter. Though Etty Allen seems not to have dwelled on it during her years in the spotlight as a coach’s wife, she comes from the august Sephardic Jewish Lumbroso family. Her father, who was the main importer of wines and liquors in Tunis — including the Cinzano brand — was known in France, where he lived after World War II, as part of the family, according to French Jewish sources. If both of Etty’s parents were born Jewish — which, given her age and background, is likely — Senator Allen would be considered Jewish in the eyes of traditional rabbinic law, which traces Judaism through the mother.
This might complicate life for Allen, a practicing Presbyterian who besides running for re-election this year in Virginia is often mentioned as a possible Republican 2008 contender. Political analyst John Mercurio of National Journal’s noted tip sheet, The Hotline, said that any complication “would depend largely on how this information was revealed.”
“If it was discovered that Allen knew this family history, but attempted to keep it under wraps for whatever reason, it could do great harm to any political campaign,” Mercurio wrote in an e-mail. “He’d face serious questions, in the wake of the Macaca incident and his history with the Confederate flag, of whether he’s both racially prejudiced and anti-semitic. Given the intensely pro-Israel sentiment that exists in this country today, that could be a huge political liability — but on the other hand, if this is something he discovers and promptly reveals about himself, and does so with a sense of pride in his family history, I don’t think he’d face much backlash at all.”

How bizarre. I wonder how this will play with the Republican base…

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6 Responses to George Felix Allen, Welcome to the Tribe?…

  1. Stogoe says:

    They don’t have a problem with jewish people, just as long as they renounce their religion and accept Jebus into their heart.

  2. The Anti Atheists says:

    Just as democrats don’t have any problem with Christians as long as they renonce their religion and bow to the state.
    Remember, the government will solve all your problems and is here to HELP you.
    And the check is in the mail.
    And…you know.

  3. Pi Guy says:

    And some of us (registered Independents but voting anarchists) don’t think that a politician’s faith should have ANYTHING to do with our assessment of their worthiness. Allen is unworthy of support by people of any party, IMO, because he’s demonstrated that he’s not very open-minded about people of other races.

  4. Robster says:

    Auntie, We dems support this little thing called the First Ammendment. You have the right to believe in anything as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of or endanger others. Keep the church out of government and government out of the church, and we’ll all get along fine.

  5. SteveG says:

    Even a landsman can be a schmuck.

  6. thanks for all

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