Tuesday Link Terror

Here’s some links for you:

  1. The housing crisis, as in people can’t afford housing, has hit the ‘burbs
  2. A security expert explodes the idea that terrorism is a serious threat. Very provocative.
  3. A good post about the historical roots of the Holocaust.
  4. A stunning and revealing interview with a Republican chickenhawk. Wars are for the little people.
  5. Jesus’ General has a nice photo essay on the same subject.
  6. Lindsay invents a new term: hugmeat.
  7. Kung Fu Monkey discusses, in far too much detail, the Underoos of Righteousness.
  8. Also, from Kung Fu Monkey, a great old post about terrorism. Apparently, he’s not the only one who has failed to crap his pants on cue.
  9. Glenn Greenwald describes how, according to the mainstream media, the Republicans and conservatives never suffer any setbacks. Even though they do.
  10. Finally, a short post of mine about Our Benevolent Yellow Jacket Overlords.


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  1. thanks for all

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