Links 8/25/23

Links for you. Science:

Some seniors infected with Omicron variants were more susceptible to reinfection, not less
Failed PhD: how scientists have bounced back from doctoral setbacks: In a scientific culture that eschews admitting failure, some researchers are staring it in the face — and finding success.
Postacute sequelae of COVID-19 at 2 years (one thing to take away from this article is that, for many people, there is a ‘long-ish’ COVID which results in many bad months, even though most of the symptoms can go away; this is not good for you either)
Home-Based Testing and COVID-19 Isolation Recommendations, United States
How Sauropod Dinosaurs Became the Biggest Land Animals Again and Again
BA.2.86 shows just how risky slacking off on COVID monitoring is


D.C.’s Unique Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Are Almost 50 Years Old. How Are They Working Out?
COVID contrarians claim that closing schools was a mistake, in part because of the impact on their mental health. But that’s not what the data says at all.
Recapping last night’s GOP debate: They’re all losers
Lockdowns and face masks ‘unequivocally’ cut spread of Covid, report finds. Royal Society review looks at non-pharmaceutical interventions when applied in packages of several measures
Is The Promise In The Room With You Now
D.C. Attorney General Sues Fine-Dining Restaurant Swahili Village For Wage Theft
It Is, Actually, An HR Issue
The Republican Debate Was Not a Debate. The Republican Party Is Not a Party.
Here’s what it takes to get speed humps approved on just one block
My university might cut humanities. I’m frustrated, angry — and afraid.
Trump’s Prosecution Is America’s Last Hope
Maui utility may have compromised evidence in probe of deadly fire, lawyers say
GOPers Rip Biden’s Maui Wildfire Response. They All Opposed Funding To Fight Wildfires.
D.C. student test scores improve incrementally after pandemic-era plunge
Why the Right Is Winning Its War on Unhoused People
Why prosecuting Trump’s alleged accomplices could help save democracy
The Battle Between Diners and Restaurants: Bad Service, Rude Customers, and Confusing Fees
Southeast DC shop owner at odds with city officials over crime near his store
Vivek Ramaswamy Sued By Former Employees Claiming His Company Pressured Them Into Violating Securities Laws (should fit nicely as Trump’s VP then…)
Kaiser Permanente reinstates mask mandate amid COVID-19 spike. What to know about the disease now (Santa Rosa, CA)
The Hollywood Strike Forces A Reckoning For The Trades
The First Republican Debate Was One Long Stare Into a Trump-Shaped Void
A Trump appointee argues in dissent that OSHA’s workplace rules are unconstitutional: Judge Nalbandian wrote that “today” was the day to end OSHA. The Sixth Circuit majority disagreed, but big-name legal conservatives want OSHA gone.
A Trump Victory Would Create a Constitutional Crisis: If Republican primary voters can’t put the country first, it will be up to the rest of us.
How Oklahoma’s schools superintendent became the state’s top culture warrior: Ryan Walters, who called a teachers union a “terrorist organization” and pushed for prayer in public schools, offers a preview of what could be coming in other Republican-led states. (he seems nice)
No OB-GYNs left in town: what came after Idaho’s assault on abortion. In Sandpoint, Idaho, the maternity ward closed down. Within months, medical care for women in the rural community was hollowed out

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