Links 8/24/23

Links for you. Science:

Spotless giraffe, thought to be only one in world, born at Tennessee zoo
Seroepidemiology of the Seasonal Human Coronaviruses NL63, 229E, OC43 and HKU1 in France
Using home lampshades to turn pollutants into purified air
How COVID-19 Changes the Immune System
Public health implementation of pathogen genomics: the role for accreditation and application of ISO standards
A new COVID variant nicknamed “Pirola” is raising global alarm but don’t freak out yet. Most people shouldn’t be concerned about this highly mutated variant, but experts caution it has outbreak potential


Roger Stone’s hubris exposes Trump’s plan: New video shows lawyers faked distance from Capitol riots
In Wuhan, doctors knew the truth. They were told to keep quiet. (this, not the LAB LEEK!, is the real scandal)
The United Auto Workers Meet Electrification
Four prison murders lead to a sickening ruling on ‘qualified immunity’
‘We’re Winning’: Apple Formally Endorses Right to Repair Legislation After Spending Millions Fighting It
A sex educator in Michigan refused to be shamed. Then came the backlash.
New Florida rule for college staff: Use bathroom of your sex assigned at birth or be fired
Why do Republicans disproportionately believe health misinformation?
Why do Republicans even bother with this whole farce?
How Colonialism Contributed to the Maui Wildfires
Your Liberal Media
Why a key witness for the special counsel likely flipped on Trump
Emails reveal Secret Service contacts with Oath Keepers
What Are These People Thinking, Eating Pudding With Team Trump?
The Scourge of Corporate Financialization: Income Inequity, Employment Instability, Productive Fragility
Dominion Energy, Dulles Break Ground On Largest Solar Power Installation At A U.S. Airport
Ann Pettifor Explains Why Neoclassical Economists Are the Last People To Listen to on Climate Change
Dispatch Error Delayed Response In Deadly District Dogs Flood, Officials Say
Private Equity on Campus: Why College Students Are Sleeping in Cars
Dangerous threats to local press freedom
Judge Cannon Issues Another Troubling Order in Mar-a-Lago Case (I told you, she’s not just an ideologue, she’s also incompetent)
After Kansas newspaper raid, lawmaker proposes taking warrant power away from magistrates
HHS awards $1.4 billion to drive development of new Covid-19 vaccines and therapies
Apple’s treatment of small games developer makes a textbook antitrust case
Is America Headed Towards A Second Civil War?
Maybe They’re Just Bad People

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