Some Thoughts About That Indictment

Bed, bath, and beyond a reasonable doubt

In no particular order:

  1. Upon further reflection, I’m concerned that Judge Aileen “Loose” Cannon is the judge, not so much because she is a partisan hack (though she is), but because she is very inexperienced and, frankly, doesn’t seem very bright, both ‘legally’ and in terms of political maneuvering. This trial will need a smart, experienced judge. She’s not that judge.
  2. A key thing to remember is that Trump had multiple opportunities to return the documents, which likely would have allowed him to avoid prosecution. Instead, he willfully hid the documents from investigators.
  3. A toilet chandelier? With a ten dollar shower curtain? Just saying.
  4. This is when a significant fraction of the Republican Party (voters and officials) having undergone full immersion baptism in the Kool-Aid really hurts… everyone. They simply can’t believe that he did these things, even though it’s obvious he did, so they won’t accept the verdict.
  5. Donald Trump is the epitome of an insider threat. To assume he was just hoarding the documents because he’s a weirdo is contrary to both the man and his constant legal troubles: for decades, he has cheated people (and likely the U.S. Treasury and the State of New York), been credibly accused of dozens of sexual assaults, found civilly liable for actions during a violent sexual assault, committed fraud with his ‘Trump University’, and gone to court numerous times due to shady commerical dealings. Also, the whole insurrection thing. This is not a person who gets the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Trump is a horrible person who hurt America. You’re allowed to feel giddy because of this. Too many assholes get away with their crap. Trump just might not (we’ll see!).
  7. Kudos to Jack Smith for putting together what seems to be a very strong case–and noting Trump’s own opinions on leaking secrets is a chef’s kiss.
  8. Also, this is the kind of event where Twitter becomes useful, but it must be killing Elongated Muskrat to see this happen.
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