Links 6/11/23

Links for you. Science:

Winters in the Northeast could see a 109% increase in extreme precipitation, new report finds
‘The fire equivalent of an ice age’: Humanity enters a new era of fire
How air conditioners will have to change in the future. Appliances aimed at keeping us cool are wasting huge amounts of energy pulling water from the air
Cheap Diabetes Drug Slashes Risk of Long COVID, Study Finds
UK hobbyist stuns math world with ‘amazing’ new shapes
Accounting for 16S rRNA copy number prediction uncertainty and its implications in bacterial diversity analyses


The Voting Rights Act Has Survived Another Attempt on Its Life
To meet new state housing law, Newton aims to make its villages a little taller
The Right’s Latest Target: No-Fault Divorce
Can a chatbot preach a good sermon? Hundreds attend experimental Lutheran church service to find out
How the John Birch Society Won the Long Game
Are Americans Really That Dumb?
There’s No Reason Filing Taxes Should Be So Hard
The Realities Conservatives Are Ignoring About Wildfires
Next Time, Dammit, Just Default
Metro to increase service levels this month on four lines
Pat Robertson’s Genocidal God Has Called Him Home
Florida anti-LGBTQ laws prompt families who feel unsafe to flee
The Democrat Taking Back Wisconsin: Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler has taken the party’s operation out of the backrooms and into the streets.
For girls’ sake, let’s end the myth of the ‘fearless’ girl
The Feds Are Coming for Crypto. Can It Survive?
Remembering a time when duckpin bowling ruled the roost in D.C.
Right-Wing Media Is Saying the Wildfire Smoke Is Good, Actually
Why John Roberts Reversed Himself This Time on Voting Rights
The Coming Storm of Fiscal Policy. How Democrats created a worse debt ceiling situation in 2025
Saudi Golf Takeover Shows U.S. Is Losing Its Cultural Superpowers
Air Quality Has Long Been Overlooked, But It’s a Major Environmental Justice and Public Health Issue
Paranoid Posting
We Now Know the Full Extent of Obama’s Disastrous Apathy Toward The Climate Crisis
The Snowden Revelations Reconsidered
Luxury goods: Europe’s joke on the world
Despite DeSantis’ Anti-Union Law, Florida’s Teachers’ Union Gains 5,000 Members

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