Some Lobbyists Have Made a Bad Investment

No, I’m not describing Joe Lieberman (although, hopefully, I will be). I’m talking about Tom DeLay. Says one of his former lobbyist friends (italics mine):

A few lobbyists who helped raise money for Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas)–all of them outside the inner circle of the former Majority Leader–say they’d like the outgoing Congressman to offer them their money back.
DeLay, who is fighting an indictment in Texas, announced last week his intention to resign. He is also caught up in the Jack Abramoff scandal, in which some of his former aides have pleaded guilty.
His re-election kitty, probably worth upwards of $1 million, is widely expected to be shifted into a fund to pay his mounting legal bills. While these lobbyists didn’t mind cutting checks to the Majority Leader, or even a member of the Appropriations Committee, they aren’t so energized about spreading their generosity to DeLay’s legal team because, well, what’s in it for them?
If I wanted to give to a legal fund, I would’ve done it directly,” snarled one GOP lobbyist who refused to have his name attached to such callous-sounding sentiments, even if DeLay is leaving Congress.

Doesn’t DeLay know that no john wants to pay for a prostitute’s retirement fund…

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