Links 8/13/23

Links for you. Science:

Why Insect Memories May Not Survive Metamorphosis
A Systematic Review of Persistent Clinical Features After SARS-CoV-2 in the Pediatric Population
Antiviral efficacy of the SARS-CoV-2 XBB breakthrough infection sera against Omicron subvariants including EG.5
Population Analysis of Escherichia coli Sequence Type 361 and Reduced Cefiderocol Susceptibility, France
‘Underwhelming’: NIH trials fail to test meaningful long Covid treatments — after 2.5 years and $1 billion
Vaccine hesitancy behind most decisions to not get COVID-19 vaccines


COVID Is Ticking Up Again In The D.C. Region (And Everywhere). Here’s What To Know
Why an Unremarkable Racist Enjoyed the Backing of Billionaires (excellent, must-read)
Idaho Republicans Are Directly Asking Hospitals for Abortion Records
Top Texas A&M officials were involved in botched recruiting of journalism professor, who will receive $1 million settlement (“I thought the purpose of us starting a journalism program was to get high-quality Aggie journalist[s] with conservative values into the market. This won’t happen with someone like this leading the department.”)
Georgia’s Broad Racketeering Law May Now Ensnare Donald Trump
Ruthless Endangerment
What Makes Jack Smith’s New Trump Indictment So Smart
Is Brooklyn’s Democratic Party Doing Anything to Reverse Its Losing Streak? New York’s top elected officials showered the Brooklyn party with praise, but is it doing anything to support its candidates? (professional Democrats suck at their jobs)
A “remarkable lightning stroke,” 1879
Scenes From a City That Only Hands Out Tickets for Using Fentanyl
Metaphorical Florida Man also literal Florida Man (a functional Democratic Party would be prepared to take him to court over this)
Police stage ‘chilling’ raid on Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones
I regret to report the economic anxiety theory of Trumpism is back. In David Brooks’s new column, he asks the American elite if they’re the baddies. But he’s actually telling them a comforting fiction. (this is ‘more right’ than Brooks, but ignores the power of narrative)
‘You’re not God’: Doctors and patient families say HCA hospitals push hospice care
Yo-Yo Ma cancels performances at Tanglewood due to contracting COVID-19
‘Death Glitch’ looks at what happens after we’ve logged off for good
Please, Please Stop Blaming “Progressives” for Donald Trump’s Fascism (Murc’s Law hits the big time!)
Jamie Reid, artist for Sex Pistols who defined punk style, dies at 76
What’s With All the Swole Politicians?
Our wildfire problem is growing beyond our ability to tame it
No Overtime at the Boner Factory
Hawaii utility faces scrutiny for not cutting power to reduce fire risks
The New Food Haul
China hacked Japan’s sensitive defense networks, officials say
What Happened in Vegas
‘Monster hunters’ needed for biggest Loch Ness search in 50 years (lol)

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