Links 8/12/23

Links for you. Science:

Vaccine ‘accessory’ found to stop Covid infection in the nasal tract
Los Angeles Has a Growing Typhus Problem, Thanks to the Fleas
A fungal disease is rapidly spreading across the U.S. Scientists are alarmed
Scientists begin to untangle how COVID-19 affects brain cells (different variants infect different parts of the nervous system)
US scientists achieve net energy gain for second time in nuclear fusion reaction
Study links air pollution to rising antibiotic resistance levels


With Democrats Like Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez, Who Needs Republicans? A Washington congresswoman campaigned on pro-choice and anti-corporate policies. First year on the job, she’s nothing like her backers expected.
The Sacklers woulda gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those darned meddling feds (Doctorow brings the heat)
The UCLA Students Who Live in Their Cars (excellent)
Your electric bill payments may be funding climate delay
New D.C. police chief confronts command staff after violent weekend
He Infiltrated a Notorious White Nationalist Group. Now, He’s Being Sued for Exposing Them. Affiliates of Patriot Front are big mad at an alleged antifa spy who spilled their secrets
Trump insults D.C. to get his trial moved. The city rolls its eyes.
Guaranteed Income Gets a New Life
Hospital bosses love AI. Doctors and nurses are worried.
Why the Ohio Special Election Backfired for the GOP
‘Colonizers’ to some, D.C. pickleballers say they just want more space
Life in Greenbelt and Langston Terrace’s early days
Videos denying climate science approved by Florida as state curriculum
DeSantis greeted by ‘pudding fingers’ chant in Iowa: The protest effectively cut short the Florida governor’s first campaign stop of the day.
Clarence Thomas’ Billionaire Friends Bought Him a Lot More Than Vacations
How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Sacklers? Judges have grown accustomed to issuing get-out-of-litigation cards to corporate looters in bankruptcy court.
Bring Back the Hack: Hollywood’s greatest directors keep getting drafted to make bad franchise movies. The solution is obvious.
Always Eugenics
Why Does This Racist Keep Getting Silicon Valley Money? The charmed life of Richard Hanania.
Long Covid
‘Wire’ Creator (and NYC Camera Foe) David Simon Has Received 16 School Zone Speeding Tickets in His Beloved Baltimore
Economist Behind Popular Recession Gauge Worries She Created a ‘Monster’
Negative Space
House Dems sideline one of their own leaders in the fight over food stamps (almost like a bunch of geriatic politicians can’t do the job)
Oregon’s Greater Idaho movement echoes a long history of racism in the region: Instead of fixing Oregon, the Greater Idaho movement seeks to leave it. White supremacists are on board.
The Church Of Leonard Leo: The Supreme Court’s dark-money operative bought a church near his tony summer home, where neighbors are protesting his political crusade. (“He’s obviously super insecure and immature and a total baby.”)

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