Links 8/3/23

Links for you. Science:

FEMA funds first-of-its-kind effort to rebuild Puerto Rican coral reefs
Shake it off: Taylor Swift concert triggers actual seismic activity
Why you want bats in your yard — and how to attract them
Bacterial testing in kids with sinusitis could slash antibiotic use, study suggests
NIH announces long-covid treatment studies with hundreds of patients
Here’s A Recap Of Lots Of Science Drama About Ancient Human Death


It’s Not The Economy, Stupid
Bernie Sanders is mostly right—millions of people can’t find a doctor
Fox News hyped Trump’s fake electors scheme. He just got indicted for it.
The Triumph of the January 6 Committee. Half a year after the House finished its work, the executive branch has taken the baton and started running.
Looking at a New Poll
Trump’s PAC Spent HOW Much on Legal Fees?
The simple reason why Ron DeSantis keeps finding his campaign embroiled in scandal: Why would Florida’s governor team up with Nazis and other authoritarian scum? Because he is one of them
The Land Beyond the Drug War: Every state in America has a fentanyl problem, but only Oregon has decriminalized drugs and sent hundreds of millions in legal-weed tax dollars to organizations that are trying to heal people. In Portland and a rural county nearby, there is both chaos and hope.
Rudy Giuliani in Vile New Audio Transcripts: ‘Jewish Men Have Small Cocks’: The transcripts were filed on Tuesday by Noelle Dunphy, who is suing the former Trump lawyer for sexual harassment (Giuliani has always been embraced bigotry, especially when it serves him)
Not allowing shorts in the office is fascism (lol)
She can stir a crowd. But can D.C.’s new police chief keep the city safe?
We now have reliable mortality data for 3 years of the pandemic, 2020-2022. COVID as the underlying cause of death was the #3 killer of Americans.
How Trump could still get away with it
Peter Baker Special
The alleged Trump crime that we all saw
How Did We Get Here
Republicans would love to impeach Biden. It would backfire on them.
I Can Already Imagine T-Shirts Reading ‘My President Is In Prison’
Democrats worry their most loyal voters won’t turn out for Biden in 2024
You will come back to Threads sooner than you think
Jason Aldean’s Town Without Pity
Right-wing extremism means homeschooling surge in US should concern us all (these are not normal people)
U.S. Attorney Says He’s Focused On The Small Group Of People Driving Most Of D.C.’s Gun Violence
No, These Indictments Don’t Strengthen Trump. That’s Just Media Nonsense
How strong are the newest criminal charges against Donald Trump?

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