One Major Reason Why Professional Democrats Suck at Their Jobs

While I think Biden’s COVID policy has been mediocre at best (800,000 dead on his watch, had to be shamed into providing free at-home testing, and on and on…), he has done a pretty good job on the economic front. But you would never know it because professional Democrats aren’t telling people that (boldface mine):

Oh—the 13 million jobs created since he took office, which is more jobs in 28 months than created under any other president, in all of our history, in a full four-year term.

I bet you didn’t know that last fact. The president and his administration mention it, as in this press statement. But do they crow about it? Do congressional Democrats crow about it? What percentage of the American electorate do we think knows this fact—2, 3? And let me ask you this. If a Republican president had accomplished that, what percentage of voters would know it? A hell of a lot more, because congressional Republicans and the propagandists on Fox and elsewhere would be saying it every day, several times a day

Why does the media promote these campaigns? Partly because of the #demsindisarray reflex. But the press has that reflex because Democrats let things happen that way. There’s no central message that everyone repeats. And there’s far less touting of the administration’s accomplishments than there ought to be.

…people will complain. That’s fine and proper for, say, The New Republic; where I see Biden falling short, I’ll say so, and my colleagues whose views are different from mine will make their criticisms as well. That’s the role of the press.

But the role of Democrats is different.

When even Michael Tomasky gets it, you know professional Democrats are failing. Admittedly, some of this is due to policy differences that alienate part of the base that does the political work on the ground, but some of it is just an unwillingness–or inability–to drive the Discourse, such as it is, even though they are paid to do this.

Professional Democrats suck at their jobs.

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3 Responses to One Major Reason Why Professional Democrats Suck at Their Jobs

  1. John says:

    Unfortunately, some of them are doing their jobs very well. Saboteurs.

    • John says:

      I hate to say this, but upon rereading this, you never give the “Major Reason” of your title. You only state that they suck at their jobs.

  2. sciliz says:

    nah. Professional Democrats are doing their jobs, which are to ensure corporate bosses can exploit the maximum amount of labor out of the most desperate people. Bragging about jobs makes the donor class mad.

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