Links 7/3/23

Links for you. Science:

Wastewater sampling in Canada suggests COVID case rate 19 times higher than reported (article here)
Worldwide survey kills the myth of ‘Man the Hunter’: Women hunt in vast majority of foraging societies, upending old stereotypes
We’re Building Things Based on a Climate We No Longer Live In: NOAA precipitation estimates that engineers and planners use to design bridges, roads and other infrastructure are decades out of date because of climate change
Viral persistence in children infected with SARS-CoV-2: current evidence and future research strategies
The Omicron Variant Reinfection Risk among Individuals with a Previous SARS-CoV-2 Infection within One Year in Shanghai, China: A Cross-Sectional Study
Is a Revolution in Cancer Treatment Within Reach?


‘Who knows’: Kagan sarcastically wonders if Medicare is next after SCOTUS kills Biden student loan forgiveness plan
The time Clarence Thomas said affirmative action was ‘critical’ for society
Kagan Decries Use Of Right-Wing ‘Doctrine’ In Student Loan Decision As ‘Danger To A Democratic Order’
Alan Arkin, Oscar-winning actor with a wry charm, dies at 89
John Roberts doesn’t want to hear any dissent about his Supreme Court
Those of us who benefited from affirmative action can’t stay quiet
‘This is my stop’: MetroHero hands conductor’s hat to new WMATA commuters, watchdogs
Those 10,000 5-star reviews are fake. Now they’ll also be illegal.
Former tennis starlet Tanysha Dissanayake on the heartache of being forced to retire aged 21 due to long Covid as the Brit admits she is too ‘jealous’ to watch Wimbledon this year
San Francisco may soon get 24/7 driverless cabs. City leaders are fuming.
Would You Buy a Used Mars from This Man? Elon Musk broke Twitter, and he’s breaking research communities, too.
Man cited in Supreme Court LGBTQ rights case says he was never involved. The man says he has been married to a woman for 15 years and never asked for services from a Christian website designer
RFK Jr.’s anti-vaxx views also reinforce damaging autism stereotypes
Federal Survey: 11% of Previously Infected U.S. Adults Report Long COVID Symptoms
Let Kids Get Bored. It’s Good for Them.
Summer in the South Is Becoming Unbearable. Southerners are used to heat. We’re not used to this.
Elena Kagan Has Had Enough
John Roberts Begs the Liberal Justices to Stop Criticizing the Court: The chief justice doesn’t like his conservative Supreme Court colleagues getting called out for judicial overreach.
Not The Celestial Hall Monitors
The Titan Submersible Was “an Accident Waiting to Happen”
The True Threat of Artificial Intelligence
What Does California’s Homeless Population Actually Look Like?
Half the Police Force Quit. Crime Dropped.
If SCOTUS Blocks Student Debt Relief, 1965 Law Could Be ‘Plan B’
Religious Freedom Arguments Underpin Wave of Challenges to Abortion Bans
2,200 Forgotten Vintage Computers Are Being Liberated From a Barn in Massachusetts

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