A Bad Supreme Court Decision Based on Ersatz Facts

Might as well have fun with the 303 Creative decision, I guess (image from here)

In case you missed it, last week the Republicans on the Supreme Court decided (in the ‘303 Creative’ decision) to allow a woman who claimed she was a web designer, but had designed no websites, to discriminate against a customer who was gay and wanted a website for their (gay) wedding, even though the supposed customer is straight and never approached the ersatz webdesigner for any business whatsoever. At best the plantiff and their attorneys, one of whom is the wife of right wing extremist and insurrectionist coddler Senator Josh Hawley, misrepresented facts, and at worst, defrauded the court (because this is America in the Year 2023 of Our Gritty, there will be no consequences, despite calls for consequences).

But instead of vacating the decision given the non-existence of an actual case, the Supreme Court decided to enable discrimination about LGBTQ people.

It’s time for Democrats to expand the Court–and they should run on that in the next election. Because it’s more of a joke than the august solons of the U.S. Senate–and that’s really hard to accomplish.

Happy Fourth everyone, I guess.

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  1. John P Krehbiel says:

    Expand the court and tell the five to sit in the corner until they’re ready to be serious.

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