Links 7/4/23

Happy Fourth of July! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Bugging The Big Apple: Winged Aphids Swarm New York City Amid Hazy Skies
What are the roots of chronic pain? New research looks within cells for answers.
Deep-Sea Octopus Nursery Found Beneath The Waves Off Costa Rica
Hundreds Of Sick Or Dead Sea Lions And Dolphins Are Washing Up On California Beaches
In the U.S., the world’s deadliest animal is on the move
Association of COVID-19 Vaccination With Risk for Incident Diabetes After COVID-19 Infection


For the love of all things good, America needs smaller electric trucks
SEPTA Paper Transfers (I remember these; they were fucking awful)
The Rogue Court vs Modern Democracy
Face masks and selfie bans return to limit COVID-19 in Tour de France peloton
Okinawa’s plea on COVID: Avoid visiting this summer if unwell
On the Affirmative Action ruling: What it did, who it affected, what its end means
Popular Train Tracking App MetroHero Will Live On; Metro To Launch Similar Service
The government had to make a choice as to who would survive Covid. The choice was people or financial services. It made the wrong choice.
The ‘Mommy Goddess’ and the Mass Reporting of Sex Workers on Instagram
‘Public health has lost the war’: States legalize raw milk, despite public health warnings (my food safety microbiologist colleagues appreciate the effort to keep them gainfully employed)
Cracking Down on Dissent, Russia Seeds a Surveillance Supply Chain. Russia is incubating a cottage industry of new digital surveillance tools to suppress domestic opposition to the war in Ukraine. The tech may also be sold overseas.
The court’s color blindness scam
Lessons From the Catastrophic Failure of the Metaverse
Indictment Charges Alleged Members of Drug Trafficking Organization in Drug, Gun and Money Laundering Charges
The ‘thin blue line’ will never be a match for the kinds of guns being sold in America
The Origin of Student Debt: Reagan Adviser Warned Free College Would Create a Dangerous “Educated Proletariat”
SF office vacancy rate climbs again in Q2 — and will continue to rise
Our Supreme Court Reactionaries Still Fear the French Revolution
Balancing Hope With Departures at the Washington Ballet
Microbiology Society responds to House of Commons Science and Technology Committee inquiry on emerging diseases and learnings from COVID-19
“He is visualizing burning things and blowing them up”: How Trump may be coping with being caught. Justin Frank, author of “Trump on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President,” on this week’s historic indictments
Stowaway African huntsman spider found in Edinburgh suitcase
Fraud “justice”: Anti-LGBTQ decision based on a fake case showcases the Supreme Court’s illegitimacy. Far-right lawyers created a phony “victim” in made-up case — and the justice with the stolen seat wrote the opinion
The Supreme Court Has Kicked the Door Wide Open to Jim Crow–Style Bigotry. The court’s conservatives used a case literally based on a homophobe’s fantasies to blow a huge hole in our antidiscrimination laws and revive the spirit of Plessy v. Ferguson. (and anti-Semitism too)
The writing is on the wall for Lindsey Graham
Pizzagate: DeSantis Discovers The World Of NYC Pies

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