Links 7/2/23

Links for you. Science:

Multistate, Multiserotype Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Cashew Brie — United States, 2021
Safety, immunogenicity and protection of heterologous boost with an aerosolised Ad5-nCoV after two-dose inactivated COVID-19 vaccines in adults: a multicentre, open-label phase 3 trial
‘Bold’ study that gave people COVID reveals ‘supershedder’ phenomenon
Promises and challenges of mucosal COVID-19 vaccines
This Blood Type Could Make You More Vulnerable to COVID-19
There Is No ‘Best’ Way To Lose Weight: The best diet is probably the one that works for you


The Supreme Court Just Told Student Debtors to Go to Hell. In a wildly incoherent opinion, John Roberts blocked Biden’s student debt relief plan—and reminded everyone that he thinks only Republican presidents are allowed to rule.
He’s The Trans Son Of An Anti-Trans Influencer. It’s His Turn To Speak. Renton Sinclair’s mother is a former Miss Illinois who wants to force trans people out of public life. That’s exactly what makes her a rising star in MAGA World.
Is Josh Hawley All Right? His new book Manhood advocates for a return to ancient values of family and masculinity. In reality, it reveals the Missouri senator’s weird fixations.
Chamber of Secrets: The Supreme Court’s habit of deciding hugely important cases without briefings, arguments, or even a word of explanation threatens democracy.
GOP’s lackluster frontrunner: Trump seems awfully low energy lately
Liberty on the Ballot
The Moms Who Started The School Board Wars Are Now Presidential Kingmakers
Biden offers alternative student debt relief plan that would remove immediate threat of default
The Supreme Court Has Killed Affirmative Action. Mediocre Whites Can Rest Easier.
The Elon Hubris Deposition Test
The Anti-Abortion Movement Gets a Dose of Post-Roe Reality
The Elon Twitter Debt Vulcan Chess Theory
Trump Staffers Claim to Be Shocked That He Sexualized Ivanka. Those who cared about Trump’s sexual perversion knew. Those who wanted White House jobs pretended not to.
Putin vs. Prigozhin: The Post-Coup Report
Canceling Equity: It’s Trumpism all the way down
We Need To Name and Shame Bad Climate Journalism
It’s Pat: After twenty-four years, the NYPD’s “blue bulldog” steps down
What “Economic Freedom” Would Look Like
Lina Khan Fires a Crooked CEO
Robert F Kennedy, antivaxer extraordinaire, can’t help himself
Not Their Job
The New York Times Thinks Worker Suffering Is a Fair Price for Lower Inflation
Why thousands of board games are buried beneath Mankato
The Man Who Broke Bowling
Curtailing Affirmative Action Is a Blow Against a Rising Generation
The Arrogance of Power

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  1. John says:

    “This Blood Type Could Make You More Vulnerable to COVID-19”. This Time article suggests that the CoVID virus has attachments similar to blood type A antigens, that attach to blood type A cells.

    A bit over a year ago, you linked to this Vanity Fair article: It discussed a “furin cleavage site”, apparently with a precise design to attack human cells.

    Have these claims been ruled out or shown to be baseless?

    If they are true, the CoVID virus was not only leaked but weaponized.

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