Links 5/21/23

Links for you. Science:

Four challenges facing Biden’s nominee for NIH director
We might be on the verge of an indoor air quality revolution
Long-COVID’s crippling aftermath: Study reveals persistent symptoms severely impact quality of life, especially in women (paper here)
Oregon expected to see moderate COVID bump in June
Millions of people have long COVID brain fog — and there’s a shortage of answers
CDC warns of an mpox rebound outbreak this summer


Why Are Democrats So Bad At Getting A Message Out? (And How To Fix It)
The Pandemic Isn’t Over. Here’s How to Stay Safe
Economists Hate Rent Control. Here’s Why They’re Wrong. Half of Americans, namely homeowners, already have rent control. It’s time to expand it to everyone.
America’s Trains and Buses Are Speeding Toward a Cliff
How The Media Made A Villain Out Of Jordan Neely
Business Doesn’t Know Anything
Analysis: Saving Transit Would Be Cheaper Than Letting it Die
Want to know why America is losing its edge? Look around campus.
DeSantis’s celebration of vigilantism is a new low in MAGA extremism
The Republican Embrace of Vigilantism Is No Accident
UK sees record number of people off work due to long-term sickness
Vigilante Violence Is Part of the Right’s Plan
Should Cleveland Park, Woodley Park Get More Restaurants? A Growing Number Of Residents Say Yes
New Study Finds a High Minimum Wage Creates Jobs
Are We Ready for the Long COVID Long-Haul? The COVID public health emergency may be over, but this condition isn’t going away
Downtown D.C. foot traffic is up, according to cellphone data (local D.C. leadership creating a panic? NEVAR.)
When It Rains, It Amanpours: Notes on the ongoing fallout from a cable news makeover. (the corporate insider perspective, for what it’s worth)
How Biden Blew It on the Debt Ceiling
In Defense of Debt Gimmicks
Washington Post is furtively sitting on a secret trove of Discord leaks
Rent control works
Just Because ChatBots Can’t Think Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Lie
What Comes After Meeting The Neighbors?
The Lessons of Watching Donald Trump With the Sound Off. A Shakespearean scholar’s insightful take on watching the former president’s CNN town hall on mute. What comes through loudly is his insecurity, body contortions, and fear.
What the Hell Is Going On at the Sierra Club?
Yakkin’ About ChatGPT, with David Roth
Tales From the Crypto Winter
Alasdair Munro – Paediatric Registrar. The Intersection of Pro-Disease Delusion & Pseudoscientific Conclusion

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