Links 3/31/14

Links for you. Science:

Left to our own devices
How malaria defeats our drugs
A disturbing example of quackademic medicine at an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center
The Drugging of the American Boy
Funding: MRC injects funds into medical informatics


Overhaul of schools is the wrong diagnosis
Brian Cox’s Scotch pronounciation guide (the Lagavulin bit is priceless)
The Biggest Public School Problem Might Be the Brand: Surprisingly, public schools outperform private and charter schools—but no one knows it.
Attacking academic values
The great Tea Party swindle: How to make lots of money off the naive
New York Schools: The Roar of the Charters
Randomness in decision-making
The Strange Case Of Justina Pelletier
Swedish Pop Mafia
TEACH THE JOURNALISTS WELL: Real teachers and children inside our real schools!
Deadly myth about millennials: The dark truth about a misunderstood generation
We Have Come to Drag Days
How Bill de Blasio Is Being Framed: The NYC mayor as fumbling amateur: this story writes itself, no facts required.

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