Regarding the Debt Ceilling, This Time Biden Really Is The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern? Or Dark Brandon?

For those of you who follow U.S. politics too closely, during the attempts to keep the COVID safety expansion safe from the likes of Co-Chair of All Senate Committees Manchin and Manic Pixie Dream Senator Sinema, there was a lot of blather using the phrase Green Lanternism and The Green Lantern Theory. Green Lanternism was a perjorative phrase used to describe the unsavvy belief by rank-and-file Democrats that Biden et alia could do more if only they wished harder. The term refers to the superhero, the Green Lantern, whose power is limited only by his will.

Without rehashing that sorry-ass period in The Discourse, it is worth noting that the debt ceiling ‘crisis’ is resolvable by will, Biden’s will to act. As many have noted, Biden has multiple options to act, ranging from minting a platinum coin, to using the 14th Amendment, to simply deciding that, given conflicting instructions from Congress, he is going to ignore the debt ceiling.

Ignoring the issue of which option is the best avenue, all of these options are available to Biden. He does not need Congressional approval. He… could… just… pick… one. If he possessed the will to do so.

Added: Regarding the role of the courts, put them on the spot, and force them to make a decision. Do they really want to cripple the U.S. economy? At the very least, make them do the dirty deed, instead of doing it for them.

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4 Responses to Regarding the Debt Ceilling, This Time Biden Really Is The Green Lantern

  1. John says:

    President Biden might choose one of those options. I’m concerned cynically that he might choose another option: defaulting or “toughly” negotiating the store away without negotiating from strength.

    While the federal government can’t default by running out of dollars to pay its debts, it can default through force of law or its own choice. If Biden chooses the latter, I fear that he will choose it rather than force the Republicans or the courts to choose.

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