Links 5/20/23

Links for you. Science:

An Experiment Repeated 600 Times Finds Hints to Evolution’s Secrets
Why Does This Cannibalistic Fish Keep Washing Ashore?
The ‘Devil Bird’ Lands in New York, With More Likely to Come
A Methodological Framework for Assessing the Benefit of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination following Previous Infection: Case Study of Five- to Eleven-Year-Olds
The Challenge of Deep-Sea Taxonomy
SARS-CoV-2 evolution in the absence of selective immune pressures, results in antibody resistance, interferon suppression and phenotypic differences by lineage


Why do Americans want guns? It comes down to one word.
D.C. Council To Vote On 24-Hour Metrobus Routes, Keeping Circulator Routes That Mayor Wanted To Cut
Millennial GOP candidate wants to raise voting age to 25. Some young Republicans fume.
Americans finally draw a line at tipping as it hits the self-checkout
Why is a curable disease still allowed to kill millions?
Why Are Americans So Negative About the Economy?
I would not have supported this generic Federalist Society hack put on the Court for the primary purpose of overruling Roe v. Wade if I knew she was going to vote to overrule Roe v. Wade
How To Read This Chart
American Prospect: What Happens if Biden Folds on Debt Ceiling
The Media Is Normalizing Debt-Ceiling Extortion: No, this isn’t how Congress always does it. It’s different and dangerous.
‘Everybody is in a panic’: New right-wing Florida bill threatens ‘huge crisis’ for industry
A Bernie Sanders Progressive Could Be the Next Leader of One of America’s Largest Counties
“My question is: did anyone else see this device on the redline heading toward Glenmont around 7:30 p.m.? If so, what happened??”
Unable to walk and housebound at the age of 12 – the extreme consequences of long COVID
How a Few Stories of Regret Fuel the Push to Restrict Gender Transition Care: In the campaign to ban gender therapies for minors, Republicans have amplified a group of activists who no longer identify as transgender, overriding objections from transgender people and medical experts.
Burning Down The House
Rudy Giuliani made antisemitic remarks about Jews’ genitalia, mocked ‘freaking Passover’ observance, new lawsuit claims
Mendelson Backs Plans to Defund K Street Transitway, Rebuffing Bowser’s Last-Minute Push
Zachary Parker’s $391 Million Spending Plan Tees Up One More Fight
L.A. County homeless services workers can’t afford housing themselves, study finds
The government giving up on COVID protections means throwing immunocompromised people to the wolves
American worker productivity is declining at the fastest rate in 75 years—and it could see CEOs go to war against WFH
Family sues production companies after man dies from COVID while working on American Horror Story
Getting Creative
House Republicans Lambast U.S. Attorney For D.C., Cast Doubt On Local Governance In Congressional Hearing
Debt Ceiling

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