When Reliable Senate Votes Aren’t

One argument for supporting moderate and centrist Democrats typically goes, “Well, they’ll (usually) vote with Democrats on things like nominations, so they’re better than the Republicans.” The potential fly in that particular ointment is when said moderate Democrat is physically unable to vote for months at a time (boldface mine):

After Dianne Feinstein announced she’d contracted the shingles in early March, her staff said she planned to return to the Senate within a matter of weeks.

But multiple Democrats close to her, as well as top-ranking congressional aides, are growing increasingly concerned that she may never come back to Washington at all….

Three people who have visited with the senator in recent weeks or been briefed on her status say her diagnosis appears to have taken a heavy toll on her. Other confidants, including two who have seen or spoken with the senator, underscored that they are still hopeful she could serve out the nearly two years that remain in her term. But neither of those people, who addressed the sensitive matter on condition of anonymity, indicated they were confident she would be able to do so from Washington….

Feinstein’s absence has already forced her party to change how they run the Senate, where Democrats can’t move President Joe Biden’s judicial picks without her vote. And in California, the emerging race to succeed Feinstein is in a holding pattern of its own thanks to the uncertainty about her future — and persistent chatter about whether Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom might be forced to disrupt the contest by appointing her successor.

For those who remember racist bigot Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, he was not well the last couple years of his life, but he would be wheeled onto the Senate floor where he would cast his vote (and then wheeled back into storage). Feinstein can’t even do that. She needs to resign for the good of the party*.

*And, yes, if Fetterman, whom I donated too, had remained unable to vote due to his depression, then he should have stepped aside too, even though the Pennsylvania seat isn’t a safe seat at all.

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