It’s Time for Sen. Feinstein to Go

For several years, multiple people have claimed Feinstein’s mental acuity is… not good, and that seems to be a fairly open secret. For example:

It’s unpleasant, but, as some asshole with a blog noted last week, the argument for voting for moderate Democrats has been that Democrats will be better votes on judges, but that’s not operative if the senator is unable to vote. Her absence also affects the ability of the Senate Judiciary committee to investigate Supreme Court Justice and subsidiary of Crow Holdings Clarence Thomas–you need a majority on the committee to be able to subpoena him.

I realize this is uncomfortable and not trivial to execute, but she’s unwell, and the country needs a functional senator. Unlike some states, she would definitely be replaced by a Democrat. That said, I imagine there are a few Democrats who see little difference between a Republican and an ‘aggressive progressive’–and compared to Feinstein, just about any replacement would fit that bill–who would prefer the status quo.

But remember, professional Democrats WILL FIGHT FOR YOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!

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2 Responses to It’s Time for Sen. Feinstein to Go

  1. Dianne Leonard says:

    The country needs a competent senator. Hell, California needs a competent senator! We are already massively underrepresented, and having only one competent US senator makes that worse!

  2. JDM says:

    I guess she’s out of it enough to not know, but personally I would hate to set myself up for a world where thousands of otherwise nice people would be hoping for my death.

    Especially since all I have to do is retire and those same people would be hoping for my health to be good.

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