Links 4/19/23

Links for you. Science:

Bacteria Are Eating the Titanic
New Support for Some Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Sightings
‘Arcturus,’ a highly transmissible COVID variant eyed by the WHO, appears to have a new symptom. Here’s what you need to know
Improved interpretability of bacterial genome-wide associations using gene cluster centric k-mers
This rapidly spreading deadly fungus is a warning about climate change
Going long: Viruses linger with lasting impact. Herpes, HIV, Epstein-Barr and other viruses hang around, causing potential long-term health woes. Should ‘long COVID’ surprise us?


Fewer Arrests + Worse Cases = Fewer Prosecutions. The US Attorney’s Office throws MPD and the DC forensics lab under the bus
‘I could have made the same money at McDonald’s’: the Power Rangers on fame, regrets and their shock reunion
Mehdi Hasan on How to Argue and Win
D.C. Officials Admit They Defunded An Anti-Poverty Program By Mistake, Sparking Anger In D.C. Council
Bayes theorem — what’s the big deal?
Twitter Is Broken. Thanks, Elon.
Blue hairs and blue slips
Apocalypse Sow: Can Anything Stop the Feral Hog Invasion?
Llano County library supporters declare victory as officials decide not to close all branches
A rural Texas county just blinked on library closures. Pressure worked.
Harlan Crow, Clarence Thomas’s Benefactor, Is Not Just Another Billionaire
Twitter Suspends User For Sharing Washington Post Story About Pentagon Docs Leaker
SubStack’s Dilemma
Substack CEO Chris Best Doesn’t Realize He’s Just Become The Nazi Bar
The controversial article Matthew Kacsmaryk did not disclose to the Senate
Meet the Viral Sheriff Who Took on Florida Nazis. When an anti-semitic hate group started harassing Jewish people in Volusia County, Sheriff Mike Chitwood wasn’t having it.
Tech Leaders Blamed San Francisco for Bob Lee’s Killing. Then Came the Arrest. Some influential tech executives said Mr. Lee’s death reflected a city overrun by crime, but few have reversed course since the arrest of a man who knew the victim.
Arizona legislators expel GOP member over baseless election claims
The S.B.F. Financial Autopsy
Donald Trump Sinks to a New Low by Dog-Whistling an Old Racist Tune
Debt Roulette, Apple’s M&A Wallet, & “Revlon Mode,” Revisited
How Woke Bob Hope Got Canceled by the Right
Ben Affleck’s ‘Air’ and the Super-Weird State of Movies (Part 2)
China’s Race to Become an AI Superpower
TikTok on the Clock
A Computer Generated Swatting Service Is Causing Havoc Across America

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  1. zero says:

    That bit on DC budgeting incompetence is stunning.

    As an aside, how the absolute greedfuck does an update for **accounting software** cost $15 million? That’s insane… I could run a project to develop software from scratch plus pay for hardware and operating costs (at a DC government level) for a decade and still be under that number.

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